Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's That! It's a New Post from Oregon

Hello all, Daniel here. It's funny, because when Sally and I got ready to move here, we thought that doing a blog would be a fun and informative way to keep friends and family in the know. The only problem is, we've been having too much adventure to get on the internet, let alone blog.

But I have some photos uploaded and I wanted to share them. Enjoy

These are just a couple shots from the road. It's tough to snap photos while driving so I apologize for the quality. The top one is after driving through some rain in Nebraska and the one under it is a tunnel that we drove through in Wyoming. There was a shot like this on a post card and I wanted to try and recreate it. Didn't turn out to bad.

This is in between Bend OR and Sisters OR. It is called the Three Sister (I believe) and if you squint real close you can see three separate mountain tops. 

This is a photo of Mount Washington in the Willamette Nation Forest, and the ones below are a waterfall that we stopped at, a couple of views of the river leading away from a second waterfall, and a view of the road. Also some moss, cause it was a really cool green color. I'll have to double check with Sally to see what the names of the waterfalls are.

And finally, here are a couple shots of Simpson Beach, which is North of where we are. And the Umpqua Lighthouse, which is in Winchester Bay (basically a  part of Reedsport.) Also, it is the only lighthouse on this coast that has a red light. Fun Fact

Hope you enjoyed the shots, and sorry it took so long to post. We will be bringing you more soon.

Peace Out, from Oregon,


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  1. I love the photos! The world surely is a beautiful place...

    Congrats on your move!